Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How we rate the holds

It's simple, we rate the holds on the below area's, we look at every criteria. We use the hold(s) in as many different ways as we can and we then sit back have a lovely cup of tea and chat about them. We also go digging about the company's website, talk to the people that work there and see what they're all about, the areas we look at are below:

Can you climb on these holds for prolonged periods of time with out shredding your hands and making your finger tips bleed? Are they easy to clean? Do we think that you want to hold onto these?

We'll give you the price and number of holds in the set... no bolts, no shipping and no taxes (If applicable)

This is personal taste, but we'll look at the colors of the holds we have and whats available. No-one wants to climb on dull brown holds all the time (Do they?) We'll look at the colors we have and what the manufacturer offers in way of colors...

Can the holds be used in any number of different ways? Can you put them on the roof? Are they good on just vertical or slightly overhanging walls? Can you turn them upside down and still use them? We have symbols and we'll tell you how we used them, via video and pictures, how steep of a wall can you use them on?? We'll find out! We'll look at what the manufacturer says, just to make sure you're not buying crimps and then trying to use them on a roof!!

Are the holds simply made well? Do they lay flush to the wall? Is the material that they're using of a good quality? Would you want to have this on your wall? Are the bolt placements straight, are the holds going to tweak out your fingers... we'll make sure you get nice top quality holds

How were the holds shipped? Was the packing any good... did the postman play hockey with the box again??? If there are any breaks or chips to anything we'll tell you

PRO's & CON's
At the end of every review there will be the pro's and con's of the hold, we will point out the obvious flaws and any problems we've had with the holds i.e: are there sharp edges, is the overall finishing ok etc...

What you have to remember is that myself or Chris aren't pro-route setters, we set for ourselves and our friends, we also set with these holds on a monthly basis at a commercial gym... we take the holds in, set and then 4 weeks later we take them back; this way we see how the holds hold up to day to day abuse.

Our ratings are based upon whether or not we think the holds are good and if we think they should be brought by you the end consumer. Remember an opinion is a personal thing, we hope to give you the end user enough information so that you can make a informed decision before you spend your hard earned cash... it's important, no-one likes crap holds!!

We value your feedback, so please post comments, if you disagree with what we say then say so!


Black said...

Hey cool site!

If you wanted to do a view review, you could upload the video to my site, You could then embed the video clip back here on this site. Just a thought.

Check it out!

Black said...

I meant... "video review"
dangit, heh