Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who are we?

Simply put we're a few people, I have a wall in my house, therefore people come and climb. The wall gets bigger and reset every few weeks... There are a few main protagonists that will give their opinion on the holds and the grades that they climb vary from 5.7 to 5.12, normally I'd not worry about having just my views up here, but as climbing is such a personal experience and everyone climbs a different way I felt it best to have more than one person contribute.

Climbing Hold Review stands true to what our moto says:
"Unbiased, Unabridged, Unrivaled"
We research all of our reviews and anyone can contribute to the site as they see fit, all the reviews can be commented upon and we love hearing what you have to say about holds. Even if you disagree... we still like hearing your views!!!

Let me introduce the gang:

Me.. Noodles.. or Jeremy

Owner of Climbingholdreview and some other websites as well.
I've been climbing for 27 years, taught climbing for 5 and have had the opportunity of getting outside more than most, these days I'm bound to a desk so I only get to play outside at the weekends. Thus far I've been lucky enough to get to Fontainebleau, the South of France, Germany, Spain and Portugal and all over the US to climb... I'm currently living in Canada, but travel home (to the UK) to climb from time to time.

I buy too many climbing holds and have reached the lofty grade of 5.11 inside, hence the indoor wall at home for training. I'm currently pulling 5.10 outside :P

I am a complete hold freak, love em, can't get enough of them. I don't shape, I just climb, there's an art to climbing holds and I'm in awe of the people that make them. There are A LOT of holds on the market and people need to know what to buy, that's why I'm here and that's what i'll do!

For a full disclaimer, I am a rep for Project Holds / Urban Plastix / Element Climbing / Uncarved Block / Atomik / Kilter Grips / Revolution and Pusher. This makes no difference to how we review holds, we still keep true to our values, if the holds are shit we say so... the people we work with understand this and that's how we roll.


Canadian born and bred, has been outside waaay too much this year and climbs too much generally. He'll be found at my house climbing or the gym climbing if he doesn't pick up the phone.

Chris is the ying to ClimbingHoldReviews yang... I think of an idea and then he'll tell me I'm nuts; it's good to have someone that keeps you in check. Chris is climbing 5.12's and screaming all the way, and you think we're joking about the screaming!! We're not!

Dustin Curtis, Head Routesetter at The Hive in BC, Canada team member. Project Holds and Uncarved Block sponsored athlete... hell
he's sponsored by Evolv, and Flashed as well!!

If Dustin isn't setting he's pimping, if he's not pimping he's setting; his life is a simple one involving holds... that's probably why Climbingholdreview sponsors him as well. We met Dustin a long time ago in a bar after a Tour De Bloc competition, it's been roses and bottles of scotch ever since :)

Whenever we can get get Dustin to weigh in on the reviews, he's as honest a person as you'll ever meet he hates BS and that's why he fits in the crew: You can read his blog: here

What can you say about Gui? Father of two who trains his ass off, Revolution sponsored athlete, UCB and Project Holds sponsored athlete... head routesetter at Shakti Rock Gym in Montreal.

He works hard, he trains hard; hell he's a trained kinesiologue which means he trains the youth team for Shakti and trains us and he trains us hard! What more can you want from a team member really? 

His opinion as a setter is always valued!


We got a wide angle lens... here's Seb! Sometimes you need someone to see if a wall is going to hold up to all of the abuse... Seb is that abuse, he can and will destroy things in a random fashion, just step back and see if it'll stay in one piece.

Seb is getting better and better the more he climbs 5.10's now and is getting into 5.11's slowly but surely. He makes infrequent trips to CHR to see what's new and then will amaze us by climbing a route first time that we've been playing with for hours!!

Despite his feminine looks Chris isn't the only girl that climbs regularly on the holds we test!! There's Eve as well :) Eve wants to be outside more than inside, but with cold Canadian winters she really has no choice, if she's not in the lab killing things in new and interesting ways (for science) she'll be climbing something, probably with one of us... she maybe small but she's strong


So we've had the good, the bad and the Seb.. meet Jacky. Part mechanic, part student... throw in a modeling contact and some monkey genes and this is what you'll end up with!!!

Marc is our trad master, he also runs our shoe review site as well. He's climbs a lot with us at climbingholdreview so we just sponsored him hoping he'd go away... it didn't work so now we have to deal with his mental setting and super reachy routes.

Marc is an all round nice guy that always has some interesting beta to share


Omegachuck said...

Dudes: I've been shopping your site for most of the last 8 months for great holds. Somehow I ran across a new company on e-bay, and YOU GOTTA GET THEIR SHIT NOW!. I'm talking very great texture, shapes and good prices. Check out for some awesome holds! I just got the moon rock set, waterflow and fire'. Moonrock are REALLY off the surface of the moon. Go check it out.

mark petnuch
Cliff Hangers Mountaineering Assoc.

ntmb said...

we're on it, they're linked on the site. The review is two weeks out :)

Daniel said...

Hi guys. Just wanted to say hi and I miss you and rule number 4? I think its rule number 4. The one about beer.

p.s. come to vancouver

lilchrys said...

hey guys you run a great site. Jeremy we chatted at True North at the tour de bloc back in march. My name is Chris and I work at the Georgian College Climbing Wall. We are looking to grap a bunch of holds and you had mentioned you may be able to help us out. Could you contact me as my outlook does not want to connect to your contact info
Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you guys.